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Wapps Erp offers rich and integrated functionality to support all your core business processes with minimal IT investment and resources.
Finance | Reporting&Analytics | Manufacturing | Inventory | Purchasing | Sales | CRM

  • Faster and Simpler

    Accelerates all your core business processes–from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service, and financial management–within one cohesive system.

  • Single Click

    You can access your organisation whole process on the go, no matter where you are on your cloud journey. Gain the freedom to access your business info anywhere, anytime, using your favorite device. (Ios, Android, Blackberry)

  • Credit Management & Credit Control

    Strong control on customer's credit limit & improve your cash flow. Wapss ERP customer credit control reports, you can use to see how long on average your customers take to pay, How much credit you're currently giving to customers. How old current debts are.

  • Advanced Accounting Module

    Accounting more easy than Tally, Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, P&L on Tips, Bank Reconciliation, Bill Wise Suppliers Outstanding, VAT Returns, Sales Tax, Multi Ledger/Voucher/Dr/Cr Note printing, Cheque & Voucher printing.

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  • Flexible

    Easily Customizable,quick-to-implement and easy-to-use on any familiar Web browser or mobile device. Manage Domestic & International businesses across distribution, manufacturing, etc.. with built-in functionality,

  • Dashboard

    Get an at-a-glance, personalised view of your businesses performance, in real-time. Make smarter & quicker decisions with intelligent insight Accessible on the move via your smart phone Point & click to drill down to detail

  • Intelligent Financial MIS Reports

    We offers a comprehensive & flexible financial reporting solution, helping companies to easily control, automate, & analyze their data to make better decisions, more quickly, across their business. Excellent Drill down helps to filter any data easily.

  • Advanced Budgeting Control

    Our Budgeting Control you can easily budget your organisation. Create various types of Budgets like Segment Sales, Salesman, Overhead, etc. Combine & merge multiple types of budgets to derive a main budget Monitor & analyse variances at realtime.

What is WAPPS ERP Software &
How can we help You ????

Wapps ERP Software automates and integrate core business processes. WAPPS ERP had hands of experience helping small and medium companies manage business. In fact, we help organisation to be more effective by making smarter decisions. Whether your business is growing locally or expanding globally, we have a solution for every stage that's more flexible and scalable than other traditional ERP solutions.

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Advanced MIS Reports

Customer Balances              An aged debtor report by 30, 60, 90, 120+ days allows you to identify liabilities and better                                                  manage cash flow/ debt collection.

Order Value Today               See today’s total sales and drill down to see spending by account – immediately recognise when                                                  a key account is reducing spend.

Sales Value Year on Year     Measure your year-to-date’s performance against that of last year, identify trends and consider                                                  product promotions during times of the year where trade is traditionally slow.

Salesman by Sales Value     Monitor Salespersons performance year-to-date – identify which members of your sales force                                                  are exceeding their target and those that may require support.

Alerts                                      Set alerts for salesman discounts too heavily,A credit limit has been or is about to be                                                                                                   exceeded, When a special stock item is created

Single User, Two User & Multi User,100% Data Security & Accuracy,Tried & tested (100 % error free),Multi Currency, Unit, Godwon & Financial Years Facility Calculator & Cash Return,Adviser Month Calendar with Appointment Diary & Note, Customers & Personal Directory Telephone Book, Envelope & Labels Any Report Printing from anywhere etc….

Management | Reporting & Analytics | Manufacturing | Inventory | Purchasing | Sales | CRM Sales & Distribution Management | Procurement Management | Inventory Management | Production Management | Quality Control Management | Financial Accounting | Payroll Management | Business Analytics Tool | Warehouse Management | CRM Advanced Budgeting Control

Industries We Serve

Wapps erp Business management solution is specifically designed for Merchants, Stockists, Distributors and Wholesalers, wapps erp software is a fully integrated software solution for all your business processes.

Traders & Exporters
  • Wapps ERP is the right software helps to Real-time tracking of go-to-market strategies
    > Robust operations tracking
    > Expand trading and tap multiple    geographies
    > Effective leads management
    > Integrate multiple sales
    > Assured stock management
    > Track sales
    > Analyse past sales reports
    > Keep a track of commissions and    pay-outs
    > Intuitive payroll
Retails & Wholesale
  • Wapps ERP Retail Management software has robust administrative features and deliver customised reports to meet individual store management or group management needs.
    > Barcode Scanning & Manual Billing
    > Re-Order Management
    > Multi Customer Handling on Single    Computer
    > No need to feed manual Purchase
    > Sms & Email
    > State wise Vat & eReturns
  • Wapps ERP is Simple to use, Easy to implement, Flexible to customize and complete solution for the unique business processes and needs of the manufacturing unit. It is apt for discrete manufacturers of auto components, consumer products, electronics, steel and various manufacturing & assembly plants.
                                                                    Our ERP solution for manufacturing industry is perfect for process manufacturers of cement, dairy, food & beverages, etc.
Book & Digital
  • Wapps ERP is a fully integrated ERP system for book publishers with strong distribution and warehouse management capabilities. As the digitization we serve trade, academic, religious and niche publishing and distribution, Our Contracts, Rights & Royalty Management module allows publishers to manage the complexities of partnerships between publishers, intellectual property owners, consumers and upstream supply chain partners.

WAPPS ERP Mobile App for Traders


Wapps ERP has developed a new mobile application for traders to support their inventory management and software business. It helps small- to medium-sized businesses track their inventory data through a real-time cloud system. You can easily track the godown/warehouse stock management .
The application allows clients to use their smartphones or any device to track inventory away from their desk for tasks such as picking up orders, or moving inventory in a warehouse.We also provide customised Tablet with your company custom logo .

Create and send invoices/Quotation from your phone | View your business dashboard at a glance | Easily view existing customer contacts list
Create new contacts on the move | Manage your products & services lists.

WAPPS ERP Highlights

Access your Business Anytime, Anywhere, Manage Your Business More Effectively, It is Affordable, Easy to use and Quick to Implement, Real-time stats:
Give you an up-to-the-minute picture of your Business

My Cash

Its exactly works like an Internal Core Banking module. Easily view their cash Balance, Pending etc. In my cash module the function includes transaction, payments & It is defines as a Core Banking system as a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions, and posts updates to accounts and other financial records.

My cash module typically include deposit, Debit and Credit with interfaces to general ledger systems and reporting tools.

Email & SMS Integration

We'll manage your email & our team of email experts to work for you. Delivering Affordable, Business-class email along with premium spam protection. Your company will enjoy a 100% Uptime Guaranteeand Fanatical Support available 24x7x365. You can easily access your mail from inside ERP, can be include on our custom workflow.
We provide automated transactional sms to customers to alert their credit limit, outstanding etc..

Live Chat & Click to Call

Talk to your customers in real-time through our custom Live chat. Our custom live chat module is the fastest way to engage your customers and increase your sales

It will very helpful for employee to chat with the concerned person and clear their doubts regarding the products or other queries from inside ERP. It can be include in our custom workflow

What's New

Wapps ERP Introduce New Custom Range of Products to improve Your Business Growth

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Point of Sale

In Wigwag POS Billing is fully advanced due to its certain unique features like :

Barcode Scanning
Cash/Card/Both acceptance
Get ready for next bill after bill saving (No party selection every time)
Efficient Return Management on same bill
Provision for separate cashier system for cash collection
Multi customer handling on single computer
Auto pickup of Rates, Discounts & Schemes
New scheme, products, etc sms & email system.

Card Reader
Receipt Printer & Paper
Cash Drawer
Tablet Stand
Barcode Scanner

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Handheld RFID Reader

We introduced our new product - Handheld RFID reader

For warehouse management
Documents management etc.

  UHF RFID 1-8 meters reading range
  2D Barcode scanner
  8 mega pixels camera
  Passed 1.5meter drop test

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Mobile POS / Wapps e Swipe

Wapps e Swipe turns your Smartphone into a Smart Point of Sale.

Mobile POS extensions help restauranteurs better . Retail Anywhere, anytime using wapps e swipe it can be deployed on a mobile device to conduct sales transactions, secure payments and print customer receipts. From the mobile unit, store employees can review customer information, perform item look-ups while on the sales floor, determine quantity on hand and even locate out of stock items in order to save-the-sale.

Mobile Payment Processing
Price Look-up and Override
Retail Transactions
Personal Shopping Experience
Physical Count and Receiving
Complete POS Functionality
100% Customer Satisfaction

Pricing and Licensing

Wapps ERP cloud has the benefits of both    SAAS & HOSTED Version
Our monthly Subscription Model SAAS ( Software As A Service) or Hosted version ensures your company’s data security and reduces the hassle of upgrades.

In monthly Subscription model (SAAS Model-Software As A Service) :
No further Investment in terms of Hardware
You don’t need any technical skills neither for the implementation nor for using it
No IT expertise
No Installation required on your machines
No local Maintenance
No need any Dedicated Infrastructure team.

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